The Gubernatorial Candidate who could change the face of politics


From Current Affairs

Abdul El-Sayed is running to be the Governor of Michigan, and he is so accomplished that he sets off every one of my alarm bells. He is a 33-year-old former college athlete. He is a Rhodes Scholar with a PhD in Public Health and an MD from Columbia, who has authored over 100 academic articles. He has been on a “40 Under 40” list. As the child of immigrants, with an impressive speaking presence, El-Sayed has quickly been compared to Barack Obama (even by former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau). Worse, he talks about healing divides, a politics of hope, etc. He is charismatic and handsome, with a wholesome, all-American family, and you should never trust charismatic handsome people with wholesome, all-American families...

El-Sayed has committed himself to the core parts of the “Sanders left” policy agenda. It’s progressivism without apology: he doesn’t say “decriminalize,” he says “legalize,” and he doesn’t say “ensure accountability,” he says “end the profit motive.” Instead of accepting the bipartisan dogma that Business Experience is a good thing in politics, he says: “I’ve never run a business, but let me tell you, I have stood up to them.” It’s blunt and it’s refreshing. It isn’t a bunch of vacuous waffle, with words that could be stretched to mean anything. He names a particular pipeline he’s going to shut down. He promises to repeal Michigan’s “Right-to-Work” legislation.

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