Trump's Budget is Welfare for the Wealthy

Alicé Anil
Alicé Anil

Trump's budget is an attack on the working class and nothing less than a massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.


Two months after passing a US$1.5 trillion tax break for big corporations and the ultra rich, the Trump administration just revealed who will be paying for those tax cuts: the middle class and the poor. Trump's budget is Robin Hood in reverse, and is being called one of the largest transfers of wealth from the poor to the rich in American history.

So what's set to be cut? Medicaid, nutritional assistance and housing assistance for low income Americans, food stamps, local transportation funding, and Medicare--- a vastly popular program that Candidate Trump promised to not cut on the campaign trail.

Yet the most dystopian part of this budget is that at a time where America spends more money on defense than the next 12 nations combined, the Trump administration wants to further increase military spending by 10%, to US$716 billion alone while at the same time decreasing spending for diplomacy (or the State Department) by nearly 26%.

So what's Trump's vision for the country? Apparently, Trump's America is a place where the poor – even children – can go hungry and homeless while the rich get richer, and billions of tax dollars freely flow to Pentagon contractors.

During a meeting of world leaders this past week, the President was slammed by defense ministers from both France and Germany, with Ursula von der Leyen, German's Minister of Defense stating: “It is a point of concern to us that some of our partners continue to roll back spending on diplomacy, international aid and the United Nations.”

And meanwhile, it's not only spending on international aid that America is rolling back. It's also spending for the poor and the working class-- which is how this administration is apparently "Making America Great Again."