Why Trump Will Beat Hillary (May 2016)

Alicé Anil
Alicé Anil

UPDATE: I posted this video on May 21, 2016. I am reposting it again today, November 12, 2016– 4 days after Donald Trump has been elected President of...


Here is the Facebook video that 6 months before election day, perfectly predicted how Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton.

Alicé begins by highlighting the political context of 2016-- a year where after 8 years of Obama, people were clamoring for change. For Hillary Clinton, this posed a problem, because as Alicé pointed out, she "is the face of the establishment".

Nominating Hillary, Alicé says, was something the Democratic Party establishment decided would happen in 2008 following Obama's election. The only problem was that they did not take into account the current political climate. Hillary's nomination, is therefore akin to "developing a product 8 years ago and expecting it to be successful today without adapting your strategy to the current market. It just doesn’t work."

Alicé then goes on to expound on her main point: Hillary is actually Trump’s dream opponent, because in a year of change, she is the face of the establishment, [while] Trump is the crusading outsider…” ​

Watch the entire video for the spot-on political analysis that nearly all pundits got wrong! ​