Are we the problem with America?

Alicé Anil
Alicé Anil

In this day and age, I think it’s important to only talk to people that agree with me! This was me for a long time. Is this you too? A message to...


America is more divided than ever and polarization is affecting not only politics in Washington but also our every day encounters. The hostility to hearing contrarian views, especially among my fellow leftists, led me to ask the following question: Are we the problem with America?

As Fareed Zakaria perfectly put it, " The liberal tradition has been freedom of speech-- even if it's speech we don't agree with. "

But this divide runs deep and is indicative of a much scarier trend:

Republicans and Democrats are not just divided about whether and what to do about forms of social inequality. They’re divided about whether these inequalities exist. And that is an enormous problem.

​So what's the solution? Do your best to keep an open-mind, avoid vilifying people who think differently than you, disidentify from your political views and most importantly: be open to the possibility that you may not always be right.