How much bribe money does it take to host the World Cup?


How did a country with 120 degree temperatures in June (when the World Cup takes place every 4 years), no soccer stadiums or sports infrastructure, win a bid to host the 2022 World Cup? It's called cash-- lots and lots of cash.

A senior Fifa official took at least $1m in bribes to vote for Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, a witness testified in court on Tuesday, as part of a broad investigation into corruption at Fifa...His testimony on Tuesday alleges a sustained program of annual and one-off bribes, often over $1m a time, to a group of influential executives on South American football’s governing body, Conmebol, over a period of about a decade."

This 2015 commentary was filmed following the resignation of then-FIFA President, Sepp Blatter amid allegations of corruption and misconduct. Now, three years later, a broad investigation into the corruption at FIFA is unveiling a massive bribery scheme that took place to ensure that Qatar won the bid to host the World Cup, which according to the International Trades Union Confederation (ITUC), has so far led to the deaths of 1200 mostly migrant workers who are subjected to strenuous working conditions under intolerable temperatures to build the country's soccer stadiums.​

​And it's only the beginning, as the trial continues.