The congressmen taking the most amount of money from the NRA

Alicé Anil
Alicé Anil

It’s time to name and shame. Here are the top congressmen (all Senators, all Republicans) who have issued their sincerest condolences following the Las...


After every mass shooting in America, conservative politicians always avoid discussing policy action, because apparently "thoughts and prayers" are the best way to prevent future massacres. Or as Jeb Bush likes to put it, "Stuff happens!"

So predictably, following the largest mass shooting in US history in Las Vegas that left 515 people wounded and another 58 killed, conservatives engaged in the usual staid routine, calling for "thoughts and prayers" and blaming the media and Democrats for "politicizing" a tragedy. This routine is like groundhog day in America:

It's almost like America is like an under-developed nation that is constantly at war with itself, which doesn't seem like a crazy proposition considering that the US has more guns per capita than Yemen... which is actually in the midst of an outright war."

When will politicians address America's epidemic of mass shootings beyond paying empty lip service of "thoughts and prayers"?