The secret to getting rich: Move to Brazil and become a politician!

Alicé Anil
Alicé Anil

Quer ficar rico sem ter que trabalhar? Torne-se um político no Brasil! PORTUGUESE version. Versão em Português para meus Brasileiros! Curta Alicé Anil!


Have you ever dreamt of getting really, really rich? Then move to Brazil and become a politician! As a politician, you can steal, you can bribe, you can even commit homicide and get off scot-free.

In this viral political satire, Alicé Anil lays out some of the many benefits of being a Brazilian politician.

While Brazil’s government comfortably finances itself through tax collection and issuing debt, services like education and sewage treatment remain woeful. Despite imposing high taxes, Brazil ranked last among 30 rich industrialized and developing countries in the quality of services citizens get for the taxes they pay, according to the nonprofit Brazilian Institute of Tax Planning.