Emmy Award-Winning Car Care Expert and Internet Video Sensation Scotty Kilmer Joining Digital Media


Scotty Kilmer, the Emmy Award-winning car care expert so facile with both the wrench and spoken word that he turned The Scotty Kilmer Channel into a YouTube phenomenon, is bringing his wildly successful show to the new digital media network TheMaven (symbol MVEN).

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“I joined TheMaven because I saw an opportunity to reach even more people and help them out,” said Kilmer, whose massive following has generated more than 160 million video views. “After meeting with TheMaven team, I was impressed from the top down by the professional grade of all involved.

“TheMaven is a perfect match for me, as part of their expert-only network. Their business model allows me to do my thing, while they handle technology, distribution and advertising - and they bring serious internet executive experience. It's hard enough for me to stay ahead of emerging car technology, so I appreciate them ensuring my media technology is out front as well. This is a perfect Yin/Yang relationship,” he added.

TheMaven is a growing coalition of elite, independent reporters, analysts, experts and cause leaders across multiple subject categories. Kilmer plans to launch “On The Road With Scotty” on TheMaven this spring.

A mechanic for the last 49 years, Kilmer uses expertise and wit to make informative and entertaining videos. The Houston Press dubs him “the Guru of Gasket.”