Former WA GOP chair has had enough of Trump-controlled Republican Party


That's quite a statement considering Vance's bona fides: a former member of the GOP leadership in the state House of Representatives; state Republican Party chair for five years; and GOP U.S. Senate candidate in 2016.

In this July 27 column in Crosscut, Vance says that any hope Trump would become presidential is long passed and notes that "Tump meant every word he said during the campaign. He is a protectionist, an isolationist and a nativist. He has the instincts of an authoritarian who would silence the mainstream media with new libel laws if he could."

He goes on:

"Republicans have abandoned traditional Reaganite policies such as free trade because their base voters agree with Trump. I have come to accept that I am now the one out of step with Republican voters. It truly is Trump’s party now.

"Even my hopes that Washington state Republicans could maintain their traditional moderate identity and work with Democrats to get big things done have largely been dashed."

Read his full column here .

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@SwanCoug - Vance was a Republican before the Republican Party ceased to be the party of Eisenhower or Reagan and became the party of the Alt-Right. Vance was a moderate Republican, but still a Republican nonetheless, as many in the state of Washington have been historically (see Dan Evans). Saying that he's "confused" is a bit of a stretch. Political parties change with time, and he now does not agree with the Republican Party due to its recent changes.


I can answer Vance's self-questioning; He's not a Republican. When he thought he was, he was only confused. He should have less whip cream with his pie.