Dear citizens,

What America needs now is control of our government. If you feel a bully is necessary, it has to be a knowledgeable bully like Teddy Roosevelt was. He was Sec. of the Navy, a soldier and a statesman before becoming president and although his ways were considered brash he KNEW what he was doing both politically and on the world stage. We face a brave new world whereto future of the individual, Johnny, your own children, are gravely at stake. The world is heating up for whatever reason and the Paris Accord addresses. We may pay the lion's share of NATO but we have the lion's share of global assets to protect. We are the banker, policeman and defender of the world because we chose to be for our own purposes. Trump thinks of America as a business. America cannot be a business. That is a very different paradigm. Trump has blinders on where he can only see bottom lines, profits, trickle down economy, industry leading and taking the place of governing. In the mind of a businessman that seems logical. In reality it is a concept as far from reality as it would be running the country like a factory. Trump lacks DIPLOMACY which, however filthy an association you have with the concept, is necessary. I achieved a Masters of GlobalDiplomacy in 2011 and learned the international language of negotiation. Trump hasn't a clue in that area. He will, however, succeed to alienate those who we will require as allies in the future and open doors to all those who threaten our society. He plays into the hands of international powers that take advantage of his ignorance. It would be better if he woke up and realized that being president is neither prestigious or profitable, but a grave responsibility that he hasn't realized. It is not for status or power. It is from love of country, its citizens and its future that 44 others have given their lives in service. Trump is the wrong man with the wrong motivation in the wrong position. He would be a national hero if he realized this and stepped down. He risks destroying what took two-plus centuries to form. Pray to the God in which we trust to guide him and direct him to either step up or step out.

William J. Castello
American Citizen