36th seat flips to BLUE after Democrat wins Florida special election

The blue continues to wash away the red, this time in Florida where Republican voters outnumbered Democrats by 13,000.

On Tuesday night the Democratic party saw its 36th seat flip since Trump’s inauguration when Margaret Good won her State Representative seat in a Florida special election. The highly observed race had Good up against a Libertarian, Alison Foxall, and James Buchanan, a Republican. Buchanan’s father represents that area of Florida in Congress. ​

The seat was vacated when Republican Alex Miller resigned due to family and business reasons. ​

Good took the win by nearly eight points, over 3,000 votes, in a surprising victory. In the presidential race, Trump took the district by 5 points, and the Democrat voters are outnumbered by nearly 13,000 Republican voters. Plus, Good beat out Buchanan who as the son of Republican Sarasota Congressman Vern Buchanan had the name recognition and the resources that would typically give a candidate an edge in a special election like this one.​

The Democratic Party is building momentum leading up to the 2018 midterms adding the Sarasota seat to the recent wins in Missouri and Wisconsin. Both of those Democrats beat out their Republican counterparts in districts that are historically staunchly Republican. Democrat Mike Revis beat his Republican opponent by 3 points in a Missouri district that Trump won by 28 points, and Democrat Patty Schachtner took a Wisconsin state Senate seat from her Republican opponent by 11 percentage points.

The blue wave washing through all of these very red districts must mean that even the Republican voters are getting a little fed up with all of Trump’s antics and the current administration's policies.

Read more about the flip, “Democrat Margaret Good Flips Seat in Florida, the 36th Democratic Flip Since Trump’s Inauguration” written by Gideon Resnick for The Daily Beast on February 13, 2018.