All groups support legal pot except the GOP, Jeff Sessions & old folks

The polls are in: everyone loves weed! The only person who doesn’t seem to know that is Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

According to polls done by Quinnipac University, everyone wants legal marijuana; except Republicans.

A staggering sixty-two percent of Republican voters want to get rid of legal marijuana across the United States. This is a drastic difference from the United States as a whole, which fifty-eight percent believe all marijuana should be legalized and 91 percent believe medical marijuana should be legal.

But there is one part of marijuana law that Republicans want to keep in tact: medical marijuana. Eighty percent of Republicans believe that marijuana should be able to be used for medicinal purposes.

Assistant Director for the Quinnipaic University Poll, Tim Malloy, had this statement for those opposed to marijuana use “The demographics say pot is here to stay, either for fun or to provide medical comfort. And the message to Attorney Jeff Sessions: Hands Off.”

Sessions has made it clear that he wants to keep his grip on marijuana law as tight as possible, rescinding the Cole Memo, which was drafted by former U.S. Attorney General James M. Cole in 2013, and looked to revolutionize marijuana law throughout states where marijuana was legal.

This led to backlash from many different law makers throughout the U.S such as Sen. Orrin Hatch from Utah and Governor Charlie Baker from Massachusettes, and Representative Mike Coffman from Colorado, retweeting a graphic that says Attorney General Session needs to read the Constitution to remind himself about states’ rights.

Even though the battle for legal marijuana has gotten a bit brighter due to growing positive public perception, lawmakers like tone-deaf Attorney General Jeff Session makes it their mission to keep the hike towards legal marijuana as treacherous of a path as possible.

Find out more by reading “Legal Marijuana is supported by every group in America except Jeff Sessions, Republicans and Old People” by Melina Delkic published by Newsweek on January 11, 2018.