Anti-LGBTQ pastor arrested for child molestation, asking kids to sit on his face

This week in schadenfreude, hypocritical Christians are at it again!

One pastor was arrested for molesting kids and one was swept up in massage parlor sex. It’s amazing how a religion that blames women for the root of sexual sin, and thinks LGBTQ people are deviants, seems to harbor so many dirty twisted men.

First up we have the case of the virulently anti gay Tennessee pastor Matthew Dennis Patterson known to kids at his Baptist church as “Denny.” Things started smelling fishy, (and not the Jesus fish sticker on your car kind of fishy) when Pastor Denny abruptly resigned in September. After he left his position of power, several parents called police saying he had asked to “engage in strange activities” with their children. Police statements were collected, and kids said Pastor Denny asked them to sit on his face and stomach in their underwear.

Two Detectives from the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Unit spent six months and found 20 victims of abuse from 1998-2017. Pastor Denny has just been served with 8 charges already with police saying they anticipate more victims. Somehow church leaders expect us to believe “they had no inkling” of any wrongdoing and thought Pastor Denny resigned to spend time with his family. Sure. Maybe the fact that Pastor Denny spent his time and energy fighting laws to protect gay people should have clued people into his character being un-Christlike.

Case two this week is the Christian publisher who was arrested for paying for sex at a massage parlor. Timothy Comer, executive director of the Samaritan Foundation Life of Jesus Project was caught on tape being naughty after a massage parlor raid by police. The arrest report says, "Comer was observed to be receiving sexual acts....Comer is observed on numerous occasions engaging in these acts." Comer (his name is COMEr!) expresses “regret,” and said “I hate to hurt the name of God and I just don't know what I was thinking, but I can tell you I never go there in my mind again.”

Even though he admits he went back several times for more sex massage, his apology is good enough for the Christian hypocrites, because he is “sorrowful and repentant.” Eyerolls. You can lead a real moral life and they denounce you for being liberal, but if you claim to be Conservative Christian all is forgiven. To be clear I have no moral problem with consenting adults getting a sexual release massage, I have a problem with Christian moralizing hypocrites.

One is egregious child abuser, and one is just a dirty old many getting a release, but both are typical Christian hypocrites. All is forgiven dudes, just say “sorry Jesus!”

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "Anti-Gay Pastor Charged with Molesting 8 Kids, Telling Them to Sit on His Face" by David G. McAfee for Patheos on March 30, 2018.