As evidence mounts, it appears likely that Russia owns Trump

A new book connects the dots and presents proof that Russia was heavily involved in Trump's victory.

An article from the New York Times digs into an exciting new book that attempts to help explain how this could have happened. "Collusion: Secret Meeting, Dirty Money and How Russia Helped Trump Win" by Luke Harding suggests that Russia played a huge part in the US election win of Donald Trump. Much bigger than was previously believed.

Michelle Goldberg, who wrote the article, said after reading the book, as well as other various reports about Russia's involvement in Trump's win, it all made more sense. The book serves as an eye-opener for anyone still skeptical that Russia helped guide the campaign, thus has leverage over Trump -- and America now, too.

One part of Harding's book research is particularly invaluable -- he meticulously collects evidence proving a web of relationship between Trump, members of Trump's circle and the Kremlin

Citing an article published by The Times, Goldberg postulates that many Russian critics of Vladimir Putin expressed their dislike over America's fixation on Russia's role during the election. This attention only reinforces Putin's image as the "ever-victorious master strategist." Ivan Kurilla, Russian historian and America expert claims, "American liberals are so upset about Trump that they cannot believe he is a real product of American life. They try to portray him as something created by Russia."

And the more evidence we see, the more likely that scenario seems to be true.

Find out more by reading "Odd Are, Russia Owns Trump" written by Michelle Goldberg published by New York Times on November 27, 2017