Attacking the POTUS isn’t new in the US. What's new is the narcissist in the WH

Does anyone recall in the history of the USA of a president being talked about so disrespectfully?

UPDATE (July 11th, 2018) The United Kingdom is busy preparing to greet Trump with the respect that he has earned. The hashtag #ShowYourRumpToTrump has been revived on social media, after first appearing when a visit was mooted last year. British opponents of Donald Trump looking forward to shouting at the U.S. president in person this summer could be disappointed.

This is the moment to remind all the Trumplicans offended by anti-Trump protesters how they were treating President Barack Obama for 8 years. Also - does anybody recollect any mass anti-Obama protests when he was traveling the World?

"Does anyone recall in the history of the USA of a president being talked about as disrespectfully as president Trump?" - Even though this was just a run of the mill Web troll question not deserving of an answer Wednesday Lee Friday answered it perfectly.

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Attacking the POTUS isn’t new. Americans have always talked disrespectfully about US presidents. Most of them were mature enough to ignore it. It’s the right of the American people to criticize the president, even a necessity when it’s deserved. What is new, and not normal, is how this narcissistic, self-obsessed President has been acting. If you see nothing wrong with that, then there’s nothing I can do to convince you otherwise.

by Wednesday Lee Friday

Yes. We used to have a President named Barack Obama. He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, and a Constitutional Scholar who worked his way up from a single-parent home on food stamps—to become President of the United States.

A accused rapist named Donald Trump, who had already been sued multiple times for racist business practices, didn’t like that. He started a rumor that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Not only that, he lied repeatedly on National TV, saying he’d put investigators on that, and that “you won’t believe the evidence they’re finding.” He’s right, we wouldn’t, because there was none. Obama continued to serve faithfully and honorably despite unprecedented resistance from an influx of “Tea Party” senators and house reps determined to keep his pro-citizen agenda from coming to pass.

When Obama floated the idea of meeting in good faith with Kim Jong Il, Donald Trump and his bestie Sean Hannity said it was a sign of weakness, the worst decision anyone could make—capitulation to a dictator. Obama and his family have been called vile racist slurs, been accused of being terrorists—DJT has literally stated that he believes Obama was ‘the founder of ISIS.’ Like most of what DJT professes to believe, there is no evidence of anything remotely like this.

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To conclude, I have still not heard anyone treat DJT as poorly as he himself treated President Obama. What’s more—when Trump met in the Oval with the outgoing president, DJT pretended none of that ever happened. He didn’t apologize or acknowledge his actions. Indeed, Trump is STILL blaming Obama for things he couldn’t possibly be responsible for, while taking credit for much of his work and dismantling the rest.

by Wednesday Lee Friday- originally published on Quora

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NAR·CIS·SIST (närsəsəst) noun - a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

Trump loves playing the victim. It plays well with his mostly white uneducated audiences (or the educated elites who profit from them) who also see themselves losing their privilege. But I remember a whole lot of Americans, including the governor of Maine, Paul LePage, talking very disrespectfully about President Obama.

“Obama hates white people” - Paul LePage, Republican Maine Governor

“Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud” - Donald Trump

"ISIS is honoring President Obama. He's the founder of ISIS. He's the founder of ISIS. He's the founder. He founded ISIS," - Donald Trump

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Dan Wagers
Dan Wagers

or eight years we were told that if we criticize the president we were racist, unpatriotic, and even treasonous.

But I guess you forgot about all that.

Now you make up reasons it's ok when you attack Trump, but it wasn't ok to attack Obama. You are truly delusional.


Does this nail it or what?

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