Blue wave washes over Missouri as Dem flips seat in deep red district

Missouri was all about Trump in 2016, but now the tide is turning blue thanks in part to a win by Democrat Mike Revis.

America has seen a tsunami of blue wash over the country since Trump took up his seat as president last year, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the recent Missouri special election where Democrat Mike Revis took the seat.

The state of Missouri was a staunch Trump supporter in the presidential election with 54% of the state voting for him, but in the recent special election the red is starting to fade out just a tad. The four seats that were up for grabs were in districts that have been so strongly Republican, that in the past, Democrats didn’t even run. However, in this race all four districts saw a Democrat run, and one, Mike Revis, came out victorious.

Rachel Maddow discussed the race on a recent broadcast, “What I want you to know about this state district 97, this was a district that went for Donald Trump in 2016 by almost 28 points. And tonight it looks like it went to a Democrat.” She went on to say, “Did I mention this was a district only Republicans won and Democrats didn’t bother to run last year?”

Republicans across the nation may have tried to convince themselves that aligning with the Trump administration would have no effect on their political careers, but Democrats appear to be highly motivated to take over, even in places like Missouri where it was almost a guaranteed win for the GOP. And for all intents and purposes, voters are more than happy to help the Democrats achieve their goals.

This isn’t a singular event in Missouri, this scenario is playing out all across the country. Trump and the current administration seem to add more motivation for Democrats to step it up every day, and the blue wave just keeps rolling.

Ride the wave at "Dems pick up deep-red legislative seat in Missouri" written by Reid Wilson for The Hill on February 6, 2018.