By Rationalizing Trump's Abusive Separation Policy, We Lose Our Humanity

Trump has dehumanized immigrants to the point that many Americans can defend his policy of taking kids away from parents

On the campaign trail, Trump bragged that he could “stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody” and he wouldn’t lose any voters because his people were so loyal. Well, it appears that he was right because his administration are currently ripping children away from their mothers at the border, and his pro-Trumpers are barely batting an eyelash.

Trump has succeeded in his dehumanization of the people attempting to seek refuge here in the United States. He has called them “animals” and “rapists” so many times that they have become something other in the eyes of many Americans.

A recent Washington Post piece outlines how many citizens are able to rationalize the human rights violations currently taking place on American soil:

Refugee mothers of non-U.S. varieties don’t really love their children the way normal people do, nor do their children need their parents in the same way. How could they? Remember, we have been instructed, that they may LOOK innocent, but, no they are not. They come from somewhere else, somewhere with strange, often darker-hued people lacking in true feelings. Parents may SAY that they are desperate for a better life for their kids, but really, all they want is to break our laws. So they deserve what they get. And actually, they are getting off pretty lightly, considering how their so-called love for their kids is so much shallower than ours.

This is the same sort of rationalization that allowed early colonists to decimate native populations, allowed plantation owners to enslave Africans, and allowed Germans to stand by and watch while millions of Jews were murdered.

You either value human life, value the bond between parent and child, or you don’t. If America allows Trump to continue this systematic dehumanization of immigrants, it will be our own humanity which is lost.

Read more, “The separation policy is really about separating you from your values” written by Tom Toles posted by The Washington Post on June 18, 2018