Charity Associated with Mother Teresa Accused of Selling Babies

One nun has already confessed to selling three children, India considers rescinding Mother Teresa's awarded honor

Many people in India are calling for Mother Teresa’s Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian honor given in India, to be rescinded after nearly 40 years due to suspicions of baby-trafficking.

The Indian child welfare authorities recently busted a child-trafficking ring that was being run from a Missionaries of Charity shelter. The religious order was created in 1950, but apparently, one nun and at least one other person connected with the shelter have been selling children to hopeful parents at a price of $550 to $1450 per baby.

Many high-profile political leaders are pushing to have the Bharat Ratna stripped from Mother Teresa posthumously if he allegations of baby-selling are proven true. Subramanian Swamy of the Hindu nationalist party said, “I 100% support it,” when asked about the possibility of the honor being rescinded.

Child-trafficking isn’t the only scandal that the famous nun has been connected to, however. Mother Teresa was a loyal supporter of an American financier name Charles Keating. Keating was known to make donations to her charity, but he was later convicted of stealing millions from investors in the 80s.


Teresa was also criticized for her connection to the Jean-Claude Duvalier, a Haitian dictator who ruled the island country with brutality and oppressiveness. It is also said that the nun had a tendency to “glorify human suffering” even if it meant giving subpar care to the poor. The doubts to her character and worthiness can even be found within the Catholic church where her canonization has become a source of dispute for some.

While Mother Teresa’s supporters may not believe the allegations of human trafficking coming out of India, the local authorities have a taped confession from the nun admitting to the sale of three babies.

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