Drug testing for food is just more proof Republicans hate the working poor

And here are 10 reasons why it's a painfully stupid idea.

The tired, tested and failed trope of "drug testing poor people who are collecting food benefits" is being paraded out again by Trump and the GOP. Like a rotting elephant corpse, this old trope stinks.

10 reasons why past efforts to drug test food stamp recipients have failed miserably (and also why its a generally stupid idea):

  1. It’s expensive.
  1. It’s ineffective; past efforts found few “guilty” drug users.
  1. It’s an invasion of privacy.
  1. It’s illegal. It goes against Federal Law\for states to put conditions on food benefits.
  1. It’s meant to shame poor people for the egregious offense of having dared to smoke some pot on a given Saturday when they should be spending every damn second scrubbing toilets and tugging on their bootstraps.
  1. There is literally a prescription opioid epidemic going on. Are we proposing to take away food from people only if they aren’t on Corporate drugs?
  1. You can buy a kit to pass a drug test.
  1. Are we really going to shame people in poverty for smoking a joint?
  1. Seriously? A joint?
  1. Trump likes the idea.

The pitch to drug test food stamp recipients is just the latest example of Republican hostility toward the poor -- the working poor who make up their very own voter base. Yes their base.

Rural, red states have a high percentage of people collecting Food Stamps. Alabama has 16% of it’s residents on SNAP, Tennessee 15.5%, and Louisiana 19% to name just a few. Now these people who were sadly fooled into voting for Republicans because of hate, or Jesus, or fear, will be royally dicked over. They still deserve to be fed.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "Republicans Unveil Proposal to Push One Million Off Food Stamps" written by Julia Conley for Common Dreams on April 13, 2018.