Fast food CEO admits he'd rather use robots than pay workers fairly

Rich Dude-Bros are threatening wage retribution directed at workers who dare to make $15 an hour.

So much for rewarding hard work and that whole pulling yourself up by your bootstraps thing. Stuart Varney makes millions sitting on his butt yapping on Fox News and now thinks he can cheap out on tips because waitstaff get $15 an hour in select cities. He probably never tips anyway, and always has some justification, like his drink was empty for 60 seconds.

Leonard Comma, the CEO of Jack in the Box who makes $9,343,760 a year says he’ll just automate and lay people off if he’s forced to follow California’s plan to raise the minimum wage. After all, if his people are paid enough to get off welfare, what would he bitch about at the Drexel class reunion?

Andrew Puzder made threats to bring in docile robots while he was the CEO of Carl’s Jr. Remember he missed out on being Trump’s labor secretary because he employed an undocumented housekeeper? He’d probably be more comfortable with fast food employees being in the shadows too, free from all those pesky protections and rules. He liked to bitch about social services and said paying overtime diminishes people’s sense of accomplishment, all while making $17,000 a day.

People used to create businesses to provide good jobs to their communities, and yes make money too. Now unbridled greed never stops because no amount of money, tax savings, or deregulation will ever be enough to satisfy these dudes.

When the push to merely pay hardworking people a fair hourly wage results in this kind of backlash, can we acknowledge that greed is not good? Can we begin to discuss a Universal Basic Income?

Submitted by Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Find out more by reading “Jack in the Box CEO Says It "Makes Sense" to Consider Replacing Human Cashiers with Robots If Wages Rise“ written by Aaron Mak and published by Slate on January 10, 2018.