First pictures emerging from Nazi 'lighting' rally in Georgia yesterday

After their rally yesterday, neo-Nazis with the National Socialist Movement held a "lighting" in Georgia.

After their rally yesterday, neo-Nazis with the National Socialist Movement held a "lighting" in Georgia. These are the first pictures emerging, via @spencerplatt1

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I've read a lot of stories on here along with the comments & I have to say...
I read several that actually appeared to have been written by some very intelligent educated people & the entire time I was reading them all I could think was...
Wow, for someone so smart they sure are stupid.
Trump may not be anyone's pick as far as being president but he was without a doubt the lesser of two evils. At least we aren't being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Anyone is better than Hillary Clinton and the Clinton cartel.


The fact that we are witnessing regularly planned public displays of fascism, nationalism and white supremacy is a direct result of our President pandering to these people and giving the go ahead to a capitalist oligarchy with no checks and balances. Add to that a dissolution of separation between church and state and you have the makings of a modern Rome and a society where freedom is based only on wealth and whiteness. Add to that the extinction of the middle class due solely to corporate greed via exploitation of the working class and trickle down economics and we're left with a country on the verge of unsustainable "progress". The ruling class will never police themselves or support their fellow man on the basis of human decency or altruism, and they're certainly not going to listen to the virtues of religious beliefs. The only solution is going to be a movement of the people, but that won't happend in America until it's too late because we've been pacified by the system, turned into mindless consumers and pitted against each other on the basis of race, culture, materialism and religious beliefs. This is all by design so the people will not fight oppression, find unity and a common goal which is to fight the real problems. We need to scare some sense into those who seek to prolong mass human suffering for profits when they could never spend as much as they already have. The problem in America is not gangs or drugs or Islam or illegal immigrants or even guns. The problem is those institutions that are based on hypocrisy, mass control through fear and lies, and the exploitation of humans, animals and our natural resources for power and money. Class war is the only way to make those guilty parties sit up and take notice. A government run by corrupt multi national corporations, a corrupt military industrial complex and a global oil cartel is the opposite of a democracy, or a country that has anything but an illusion of freedom or opportunity. As I've said before, both parties are just corporate shills that pander to lobbyists and only exist to further expand corporate domination and profits but the right is always worse due to their nature of blatant hypocrisy and lies. Religion is poison and for humanity to truly advance and flourish, we need to be rid of the silly stone age beliefs and traditions that we hold so dearly without merit or logic.


Sorry about that, it seems return means send... I was in the process of replying and had only pasted two (found) definitions which i do not entirely agree with.

The problem is this: everybody that uses the word Socialism is not by definition socialist. The Nazi's wilfully assimilated this word to appeal to the masses and to cannibalize on socialist voters in the Weimar republic.

There is no social or socialist thinking behind the Nazi-movement. That being said: the communists in Russia weren't socialist as well. Both movements were dictatorial governments with a cult of personality (which is the opposite of socialism by its very definition).


Just because it used the word Socialism to steal

Marxist Socialism: People working for the good of everyone with profits (in a manner of speaking) shared by everyone who is working, driven by market demands.
National Socialism: People working for the good of the country with profits going to the owners of companies, driven by the needs of the state with all conflict between classes suppressed by a heavy-handed state.