Fox's Laura Ingraham is hemorrhaging advertisers after bullying Parkland teen

And the young man she attacked, David Hogg, says he will only forgive her on one condition; she denounces Fox "News."

Fox News host Laura Ingraham thought it would be clever to tweet some nastiness at Parkland school shooting survivor, David Hogg, but she soon found out that she wasn’t as cute as she thought when several companies dropped her like the bad habit she is.

Nutrish, a pet food line owned by Rachael Ray, was the first to announce they were pulling the plug on Ingraham. A spokesman discussed the Fox Host’s comments and the decision to stop advertising on her show, “We are in the process of removing our ads from Laura Ingraham’s program, as the comments she has made are not consistent with how we feel people should be treated.”

It didn’t take long for other companies to fall in line, either. Tripadvisor announced the break from Ingraham shortly after Nutrish, saying, “In our view, these statements focused on a high school student, cross the line of decency.”

The home goods retailer Wayfare was hot on Tripadvisor’s heels in dumping Ingraham. Then a sort of avalanche of losses followed which included companies like Nestle, Stitch Fix, Hulu, and Johnson & Johnson.

It didn’t take very long for Ingraham to delete the tweet and issue an apology, but it is hard to take it as very heartfelt as it wasn’t delivered until after her advertisers began dropping like flies. The victim of her cyberbullying thinks it lacks a little sincerity as well.

When Hogg was asked whether he accepted the apology he replied with a firm "no" saying:

“She’s only apologizing after a third of her advertisers pulled out and I think it’s really disgusting the fact that she basically tried promoting her show after apologizing — or ‘apologizing’ to me.”

Yet, he managed to refrain from attacking Ingraham on a personal level, a courtesy she did not afford to him.

“From a journalistic standpoint I would say she needs to be more objective and stand down because I am not the issue here. The issue needs to be gun violence in America. But what she’s trying to do is to distract from that and I hate it.”

It’s interesting how these teenagers keep managing to respond with poise and intelligence, isn’t it? Perhaps Ingraham should take a few notes.

Read more about the backfiring tweet, Advertisers Ditching Laura Ingraham’s Show Over Attack On Parkland Survivor” written by Hayley Miller posted by Huffington Post on March 29, 2018.