Houston, we have a problem. A huge GOP majority backs Trump in whatever he does

A new poll by Axios/SurveyMonkey shows that GOP is not a political party anymore. It's a cult. A Trump's cult.

Poll: Huge GOP majority backs Trump's Putin performance

Axios told you yesterday why elected Republicans go so silent so quickly when they disagree so strongly with President Trump: They fear it's political suicide to speak up. Now they have an exclusive, new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll that shows why those fears are real.

Be smart: This poll foreshadows the coming national drama. Every piece of data, and virtually every public action of elected Republican officials, shows Trump will have overwhelming and probably unbreakable party support, regardless of what Robert Mueller finds with his Russia probe.

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More from the poll:

We are sorry, not sorry for altering the headline image. It is unfortunately a scenario that is becoming more realistic every day.

Republicans don’t mind if President Donald Trump shoots an American in the streets of New York, Producer Rob Reiner declared Wednesday on Twitter.

Reiner said it’s also “clear” that the Republican Party is okay with Trump giving Vladimir Putin a weapon and allowing the Russian president “to shoot as many Americans as he wants”: