If only Michelle Wolf was as decent and respectful as Trump and his supporters

They're such nice, not deplorable folks at all. Obviously!

Just in case you were letting the MAGA snowflake meltdowns over comedian Michelle Wolf's White House Corespondents' Dinner brutal (but accurate) take down of Trump, his supporters, the media and even some Democrats get under your skin, we're here to remind you how much bullshit the entire premise that these hateful people could be truly victimized really is.

Just like their Dear Leader, Trump's sycophants are a bunch of thin-skinned bullies who can't take the vitriol they regularly dish out.

​Let's have a little look through some photos of these "poor, poor persecuted" Trump supporters from just the last couple of years, and YOU decide if their whining about a few jokes at what has always been a place for open roasting is valid:

There you have it. A lovely walk down memory lane to prove just how absolutely absurd these fools really are.

Once again, Neil NAILED IT.

Thanks to Drunken Irishman from Democratic Underground for compiling these awesome images.

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Look at them missing teeth nasty greasy hair dirty clothes. Typical methhead trailer trash.