Iran wasn't enough. In search for next enemy: Trump to 'look into' Twitter

The current 'conservative' narrative is that they are persecuted by the social media giants. Surprise. It's not true.

President Trump said he “will look into” reports that Twitter is reducing the visibility of accounts belonging to some prominent conservatives. His announcement followed a Vice News report showing Twitter’s search feature does not automatically populate the accounts of conservatives like the Republican National Committee chairwoman. Twitter told Vice its technology decides what to populate based on an account’s behavior. New York Magazine pointed out that some prominent left-wing accounts on Twitter fall victim to the same issue.

The most important fact is that all those voices of "persecuted" by Twitter Trumpistians expose their technological ignorance. It falls into their universal belief that leveling the field, without giving them an artificial advantage is a discrimination.

To start with, and to state the most obvious, this sort of moderation isn’t shadow banning. Users following the affected accounts will still see their tweets; those accounts still appear in search (just not in the search-bar auto-population). “Shadow banning,” as generally imagined and described by the activists who claim they’ve been affected, would actively suppress user content even to followers, not just make accounts one click more difficult to find.

Which is why, to the extent that this is even a problem, it’s pretty easy to come up with an alternate explanation: This is a side effect of a minimal measure designed to make sure that people aren’t preemptively encouraged to consume bad information from dubious sources. In May, Twitter announced that it would do what it could to ensure “people contributing to the healthy conversation will be more visible in conversations and search”; it seems eminently likely that an algorithmic strategy to make trolls and extremists less visible on the platform semi-accidentally ensnared some Republicans. (And can you blame it?) As HuffPost’s Ashley Feinberg pointed out on Twitter, well-known left-wing podcast hosts—surely, in the grand scheme of things, around the same level of “prominence” as Don Jr.’s spokesperson—are suffering from the same “problem” of being marginally more difficult to be searched out.