Laura Ingraham bullies outspoken Parkland teen, sister asks Melania to comment

We have a feeling Melania's reply will be crickets

The GOP Propaganda machine is panicked about the Parkland effect on their favorite divisive culture war issue, guns, so bullying teens and churning out nonsense is their only recourse. When you can’t argue against such logical policies as closing private sale loopholes, getting rid of bump stocks which turn legal weapons illegal, and fixing our messed up background check system, you simply pick on the messenger personally.

Latest in the pile up, Fox opinion garbage human Laura Ingraham thinks she found a winning strategy. She has decided that ragging on David Hogg, who has a 4.2 GPA, for getting some college rejection letters is a good ides.

Yeah, that’s how you can distract your base from their own agreement with the need to fix gun laws.

David Hogg’s sister pointed out the biggest slab of fatty GOP hypocrisy when she asked Melania Trump to weigh in, since, you know, she’s running a campaign against online bullying.

So far, crickets from the First Lady. It’s almost as if she created an anti bullying campaign as, you know, a distraction from her own parties constant bullying.

So far this week alone the Parkland teens have been gaslit and bullied in a myriad of way. Fake photos ripping up the Constitution, overdubbing speeches with Hitler, accusations that they bullied the shooter, mis-characterizing of their goals by the President, so smearing them because of their college rejections is kind of weak.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca