Millions Of Zimbabweans Celebrate The End Of Mugabe's Presidency

Mugabe has been confined to house arrest since last Wednesday, when his government was toppled by the Zimbabwe army.

Millions of people have taken to the streets to celebrate an end to President Robert Mugabe's presidency. Mugabe has been the country's president since Zimbabwe got independence from Britain in 1980. The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) took over power from 93-year-old Mugabe on Wednesday and immediately announced the takeover on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

Crowds of Zimbabweans cheered the army for the takeover, celebrating and embracing one another in various cities. Many other protesters used the opportunity presented to demand for Mugabe's resignation, displaying placards with various inscriptions to voice their demands.

War veterans who had been Mugabe's staunchest supporters over the decades have also volte-faced, calling for his resignation.

President Mugabe's trouble with his people started when he declared he would never step down as the country's president. He said he would be president for life. But a couple of years back, he started to canvass that his wife, Dr. Grace Mugabe, who is 40+ years younger, would take over from him as the country's president. And to pave way for his wife to take over presidency, Mugabe last week sacked Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Having been confined to house arrest since the army takeover on Wednesday, Mugabe has not been seen in public except on Friday when he attended a university graduation ceremony where he is the Chancellor. The army together with Zanu-PF party is not trying to disgrace Mugabe in any way ñ they are trying at the moment to make him resign honorably.

The army has repeatedly stated there had been no coup as alleged by some. They claim they only wanted to purge the Zanu-PF party and rid the presidency of the criminals Mugabe has allegedly surrounded himself with. At the State House on Wednesday, the day following the takeover, Mugabe was even sighted chatting with an army general and visiting government ministers from South Africa.

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