New White House report concludes Obama was RIGHT about regulations

You might have missed it, but Trump’s own administration just released a report that basically saying Obama was right.

Obama-era regulations were actually beneficial and didn’t affect the job market according to a report released by Trump’s White, that can’t be right, can it?

Republicans love to complain about the “burdensome” and “job-killing” regulations that plague America. So it is no surprise that they are fully behind the Trump administration’s work to chop about 67 environmental rules.

The GOP tends to oppose regulations, simply because they are regulations. No one could possible be against investigation the effects of toxins on children or be for unregulated disposal of coal ash. Yet, these are exactly the types of things they work so hard to get rid of. Is it because regulations like these cost too much compared to the actual benefit gained?

The short answer: no. According to a report released last week by Trump’s administration (yes, you read that right) the regulations, specifically those enacted by Obama, benefit the American people far in excess of the cost AND they have a minimal effect on jobs and economic growth.

According to the report, released by the White House Office of Management and Budget, the Trump claim that the Obama regulations “failed” is false, even the ones that cost a lot. Case in point, from 2006-2016 the air pollution regulations had the highest cost, but also had the highest benefit.

Also, that tired old “job-killing” claim, also false. Although there may be a few temporary effects or very local effects on employment immediately after a regulation is implemented, on the national level, there isn’t any significant effect at all, either positive or negative.

So basically, all of Trump’s frantic deregulation has nothing but a negative effect on the country, and if he doesn’t believe that, he can look to his own administration’s report for the proof.

Read more about the report: “Trump White House quietly issues report vindicating Obama regulations“ written by David Roberts at Vox posted on March 06, 2018.

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I haven't seen anything out of the Trump administration to bolster economic growth, just bullying, bullshit, chaos and lies, ya know the usual. ALSO Let's not forget the gigantic nosedive our economic was taking when GW put his tail between his legs and couldn't get out the White House fast enough! Everything is Obama's fault, I've never heard a sitting president blame his predecessor so much, unless its good then Frump takes the credit!