Prominent anti-LGBTQ activist: Homosexuals are the real persecutors

According to Lopez, “In the name of tolerance, people are punishing and censoring and pushing us out.”

When you’re even too weird to be allowed to have a table at CPAC , where the most fringy far right gather and where they even invited the openly anti Semitic LePenn Niece to speak, there’s only one way to fight back; attack the gays on talk radio. Oh, and attack California too.

So goes it for Robert Oscar Lopez, head of the Texas chapter of MassResistance an anti LGBTQ group, who appeared on the “Mission America” radio show to continue a multi-week diatribe of butt hurt about being disinvited from CPAC. He blames gay people, specifically the Log Cabin Republicans, and conservative who accept them. Me thinks he doth protest too much especially when he says “the sex act [is] terrible in and of itself... it’s like Sodom and Gomorrah.”

He has obviously studied up on this deeply. He goes on to say that gay people are oppressors, and force us all to “see all of this sexually provocative and really rather repulsive behavior,” during Pride parades. Provocative? Sir tell me more? Ok and seriously, just listen to this guy speak and tell me your gay-dar isn’t pinging off like crazy.

He’s obsessed! Just last week Lopez said “there has been this constant attempt to put forward gay conservatives and to find gay people who will criticize the left and to pat them on the back and make them feel incredibly special because they’re gay and not liberal.” I guess he fails to see the irony of someone named Lopez caucusing with a president who thinks an American born judge of Mexican dissent can’t be impartial. Anyhow, this week he’s still on his rant claiming “gay conservatives took over the network,” at CPAC, and that California’s homelessness problem is due to gay tolerance. Because math.

I sincerely hope Lopez, if he is gay, finds the strength and support to come out. While I sometimes become furious at gay people for caucusing with the GOP who have hated them for years, I see this as a greater good in the world where more tolerance is a happy thing. Lopez I’m praying for your freedom.

Listen to the audio below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "Robert Oscar Lopez On CPAC, The Unfairness Of Pride Parades, And Sodom And Gomorrah" written by Kyle Mantyla for Right Wing Watch on March 7, 2018.