The real reason Trump hasn't fired Sessions: The GOP refuses to confirm a new AG

Trump may want to give Jeff Sessions the heave-ho, but it seems he can’t because Senate Republicans won’t let him.

Trump’s cabinet has been a revolving door since he took office with more than 20 officials being either fired by Trump or quitting because of Trump. Which makes the fact that the man Trump calls “disgraceful,” “weak,” and “beleaguered” still has his job. Jeff Sessions has not been on Trump’s nice list since he recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation.

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So why is Sessions still hanging around?

Well, it could be one of a few of reasons. Some think that Trump might lose some of his support from voters and GOP members of congress because they support Sessions. Also, there is the fact that firing the attorney general could lead to further obstruction allegations.

MIchael Caputo, a former campaign adviser to Trump, thinks it is the latter. “I’m absolutely certain the Washington swamp will bubble up with obstruction accusations.”

However, it could be a third reason: the Republicans won’t replace him.

In fact, those close to Trump say that he has complained about this very fact, saying he would fire Sessions but the Senate Republicans have made it clear they will not hold confirmation hearings for a new attorney general. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen Chuck Grassley, was saying “no way” as early as last year.

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Whatever the reason, it looks like Trump is stuck with his “idiot” of an attorney general and Jeff Sessions is here to stay.

Read more about why Trump is hanging on to Sessions, “Why Trump Hasn’t Fired Sessions” written by Natasha Bertrand and posted by The Atlantic on April 13, 2018.