This is why liberals should care about what’s happening with guns

Why do we continue to allow conservatives and the NRA to control the gun narrative?

High capacity magazines and machine guns should not be legal. I’ve heard no convincing arguments as to why police or private citizens need to shoot more than ten bullets in 60 seconds. However, I also believe in the great tradition of Liberals who have come before us, exercising our right to bear arms.

That argument, and my basis for it, are a story for another day. Today is for the National Riffle Association and their misleading tactics.

The NRA has virtually taken over pistol permitting classes across the United States by offering nicely packaged solutions to a confusing process. When states do require applicants to take a certified class, the NRA has done all the research for instructors, prepared course materials, and sells neat packets. By offering such an easy framework they’ve virtually taken over. However, there are other legal classes out there and few people seem to know this.

Why should liberals who aren’t interested In owning guns even care? You should care because the NRA is one step left of InfoWars, and their brand is often being falsely advertised as the only legal option by OUR police and town halls. People are mistakenly being funneled into supporting a radical agenda.

Technically, legally, the NRA operates a separate non political arm offering the pistol class certifications, but the separation is in tax filings only. Everything they are doing is legal, but if you click “home” from the NRA’s pistol permit page, you are sent to the NRA political membership page. Is that really separate? The confusion helps the NRA grow their membership and use those big numbers to argue against any and all smart gun legislation.

This was a shock to me as I began the quest to form a Liberal gun club that would not embrace the NRA agenda. My resident State Trooper gave me paperwork requiring an NRA certificate, and she didn’t know other options are legal. When I asked liberal friends to join me, an overwhelming number falsely thought they had to join the NRA. One liberal 2A activist, deeply involved in gun rights for 30 years, falsely believed an NRA brand pistol class was legally required. Most activists in the 2A movement don’t seem to care about correcting this misconception, as the NRA fits neatly into their political goals.

This should concern you. If this does concern you, there’s a small thing you can do to scratch at the NRA problem. Look into your towns pistol requirements and look at the paperwork. Do they ask for an NRA pistol training certificate without listing that other options exist? If no, you can work to change this and do a small thing to end the NRA’s stranglehold in the gun debate.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca