Tony Blair is 'on a personal mission' to reverse Brexit

The former UK prime minister says voters may have changed their minds now that the health service is “crumbling.”

Tony Blair, the former UK prime minister, confirmed in a recent BBC Radio 4 interview that “he is working to reverse Brexit.” According to the Guardian, Blair made the argument that British voters deserve a second referendum, especially as claims made by pro-Brexit campaigners have “now been exposed as untrue.”

Voters went to the polls in June 2016 with the belief that if the UK left the European Union (EU), £350 million pounds a week would be freed up for investment in the National Health Service (NHS). However, this was later dismissed as untrue because the figure did not account for the “budget rebate, money never sent to the EU in the first place, or the cash returned in the form of EU spending in the UK.”

“When the facts change, I think people are entitled to change their mind,” Blair told the hosts of ‘This World This Weekend.” Describing it as a “national tragedy,” Blair explained that not only is there no extra money for the NHS but, in fact, the health service is now “crumbling,”

With rare candor, Blair made it explicit that he is “on a personal mission,” to reverse Brexit and shared a belief that the British public will ultimately see that leaving the EU will either do “profound damage to the country,” or once left, that is has yielded no benefits. While admitting that there are people with strong views who are unlikely to change their stance on Brexit, Blair said that the NHS funding issue is one that could lead others to alter their vote if given the chance. This could be “a significant group of people,” said the former Labour party leader, among them Labour voters, who backed Brexit because of economic and cultural worries.”

Find out more about Blair's mission to get rid of Brexit by reading “Tony Blair confirms he is working to reverse Brexit,” written by Andrew Sparrow and published by The Guardian on Dec. 3, 2017.