Trump asks for Van Gogh from museum. Is offered gold toilet instead.

Artist offers Trump a used toilet, asks “What's the point of our life?”

An artful commentary on the post-modern reality performance piece called the Trump Show, the Guggenheim writes our next surrealist chapter.

Mr. Trump’s curator asked the Guggenheim museum for a favor. Trump would like to borrow Vincent Van Gogh’s 1888 ‘Landscape with snow,’ to hang in he and Melania’s personal space at the White House. Nancy Spector, Guggenheim curator, declined politely. Instead she offered an 18k gold, fully functioning toilet called ‘America’ by Maurizio Cattelan. She graciously offered help with installation, and attached a photograph of the piece. One of Mauricio’s other works is a kneeling baby Hitler, so perhaps Ms. Spector sensed a theme Trump might like?

Unpacking this multi level burn, doesn’t require an Art degree, but it might help. Van Gogh was incredibly poor, and the sort of guy Trump would call a “loser.” I’d want to deny bully Trump any possession of this painting as well. Van Goghs are precious and incredibly valuable, so offering a piece only worth $1M instead is quite the snub. Finally ‘America’ is described by critics as a satirical jab at excessive wealth in America.

Ms. Spector was so polite in her email that her manners are above reproach, but her meaning couldn’t be more clear. A month prior to the offer Ms Spector had written about America (the toilet) on the Guggenheim blog. She said Trump "resonated so loudly" during the "sculpture's time at the museum.” 100,000 people used the toilet during its time at the museum, and Trump is a self admitted germaphobe.

As to the maker of the work? Asked to explain the meaning of his creation and why he offered it to the Trumps, Maurizio said, "What's the point of our life? Everything seems absurd until we die and then it makes sense."

When I find myself in times of trouble, artists come to speak to me, speaking words of wisdom, let him pee.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Read More details “Trump asked to borrow a Van Gogh painting for the White House. He was offered a golden toilet instead.” By Paul Schwartzman for the Washington Post, January 25 2018