Trump's crew of corruption on chopping block with new Mueller subpoena

Mueller may be setting the trap with a subpoena requesting documents involving Trump’s knowledge of Hillary Clinton.

Robert Mueller has sent a subpoena to a witness requesting all documents involving Trump and several of his closest advisers. The subpoena is to include emails, text messages, documents, and phone logs dating back to Nov 1, 2015. The witness requested anonymity.

Mueller’s subpoena may indicate that the investigation is focusing on what Trump’s campaign and Trump himself knew about Hillary’s hacked emails, prior to the public finding out about them.

The subpoena also calls for documents pertaining to these individuals:

● Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist.

● Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer.

● Rick Gates, Trump’s former campaign manager.

● Hope Hicks, the recently resigned communications director.

● Corey Lewandowski, another former campaign manager.

● Keith Schiller, a former Trump bodyguard and former director of Oval Office operations.

● Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign adviser.

● Paul Manafort, a former Trump campaign manager.

● Carter Page, a former Trump aide.

Three of these people have already had dealings with Mueller regarding the Russian Collusion investigation. Gates pled guilty to conspiracy and lying to the FBI last month, Manafort has been charged with money laundering, conspiracy, and making false statements, and Cohen previously testified before the congressional investigators late last year.

Once Hicks’ officially steps down, it will leave Michael Cohen as the only person on the list that is still employed by the Trump administration. It appears that the rats are abandoning the sinking Trump ship at a record pace.

Read more about what Mueller is doing, “Scoop: Mueller's hit list” written by Jonathan Swan and published by Axios on March 04, 2018.