Trump's fake 'job boom': 2017 worst year for job creation since 2011

The Trump Administration keeps bragging about great job numbers. The truth is, as usual, Obama did it better.

On Thursday, Trump's press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, tweeted, “Dow 25k, New jobs 250k+, Trump policies working, Trump economy booming" and according to Eric Trump's wife, Lara, "The numbers for 2017 are in, and the results are nothing short of amazing for what was once an ailing U.S. economy before the historic election of 2016."

And that's not the first time she's made such claims. On December 10th, Huckabee Sanders sent this out to her Twitter followers:

(Note to Sarah: apparently you CAN make it up because you just DID.)

That all sounds great! Too bad none of it is actually true.

Mic quoted an economist on the Trump job market and economy as saying, "looks a lot like the continuation of the long labor market expansion that began under Obama.”

And even Fox News agrees that math is math and numbers are not subjective or open for interpretation. FOX!:

And fact checkers at the Washington Post were all over these bogus claims weeks ago.

So, it looks like, once again, Trump is far inferior to President Obama. But let's all keep that quiet for the time being, lest he decides to use that YUUUUUGE button on his desk.

Find out more by reading "Despite Trump’s claims, job growth is chugging along at the same pace as it did under Obama" written by Emily C. Singer and published by Mic on January 4, 2018