Trump Stops Funding Global Food Program, Raising Risk Of Food Insecurity

The United States has stopped funding the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP). This move might plunge developing countries into untold hardship and famine. But the Trump administration seems to care less about the poor getting hungrier, and more about destroying Obama's legacy.

GAFSP was set up by President Obama to combat hunger and famine in poor countries around the world. The seven-year-old project has helped with boosting food productivity in the world's poorest nations. The United States has been the largest donor to the program, and pulling out now will starve the program of essential funds.

Cutting funding to GAFSP might amount to triggering war and famine in poor countries.

According to David Malpass, the Treasury undersecretary for international affairs, the United States won't be sponsoring the program anymore and it should be scrapped.

The US is not expecting to make any future contributions [to the GAFSP. It should be wound down, with donors exploring options to return future re-flows to donors, Malpass told the House Financial Services Committee.

But Maria Clarke, a member of GAFSP steering committee disagrees.

“We already have four famines running concurrently. This is a fund that gets to the poorest of the poor,” she said.

Clarke is also the executive director of Action Aid USA. She pointed out that Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen among other countries are suffering acute food shortages and are on the brink of famine. She noted a starving country is not far away from outbreak of war and teeters on political instability.

The Trump Administration is set to shut down many, if not most, of Obama's legacy policies.

Malpass defended Trump's move to stop funding GAFSP with the excuse that the Treasury Department is already overwhelmed with funding other equally important programs. He noted that the Treasury is collaborating with up to 100 international organizations on programs that would benefit people around the world. He added he will be reviewing some of these organizations to determine those the Treasury will stop funding and those which they will scale back their funding on.

Several Democrats are not surprised that Trump would go this far in undermining the Obama legacy. It would be recalled that the Trump administration axed down Obamacare. And it countered pipeline project restrictions Obama had put in place. Trump had also disallowed certain immigration policies Obama set up. Axing GAFSP's funding is only eliminating another part of President Obama's Feed the Future legacy program.

SOURCE: Newsweek