Tucker Carlson called out: Immigrants worked to ‘save your life' in ER

Notorious bigot Tucker Carlson had to be reminded that some of those "illegals" helped save his life.

Tucker Carlson the bow tie bigot of Fox News was called out on his hypocrisy last night. After Carlson finished Tweeting disparagingly about immigrants yet again, Samuel Oakford a political commentator, clapped back. He reminded Carlson that immigrants saved him from dying from a burst appendix.

Carlson, who never misses an opportunity to be an arrogant ass, Tweeted this yesterday:

Samuel Oakford, who has written for several popular publications including Politico, was in a NYC emergency room with Carlson last year, who was admitted with appendicitis, had something to add to Carlson's Tweet, replying:

Carlson, who is worth $39 million, hasn’t replied to Oakford's Tweet at the time of this publication.

FYI, Tucker, one quarter of US doctors are immigrants.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more on this story, read "Political Commentator Recalls Being in ER With Tucker Carlson: Immigrants Worked to ‘Save Your Life’" by Lawrence Bonk for Mediaite on February 9, 2018.