Two cops got so high off of raided edibles, they had to call for help

After eating edibles stolen from a raid, two Toronto police officers had to call for backup because they were so stoned.

Although it is not technically legal to sell marijuana in Canada yet, many weed dispensaries have already set up shop and are open for business. Most cities are tolerating the cannabis entrepreneurs, however, the Toronto police have a reputation for being tough on the still technically illegal dispensaries. Which makes it all the more hilarious that it was two Toronto police officers that got so high while on patrol that they ended up calling for backup.

It was reported that the two officers from 13 Division, identified as Const. Vittorio Dominelli and his partner, busted a dispensary last Saturday night. Early Sunday morning, while still on duty, the officers consumed some of the swiped pot edibles. Apparently, the initial effects did not satisfy the impatient they ate some more. Eventually, all the weed kicked in, and the officers became so stoned that they called for help.

NEWSTALK 1010 reported that the two doped up cops began to hallucinate so hard they called for backup from some other officers and called an ambulance from their police car. When their fellow cops showed up, one of the edible-eaters panicked and ran away. Allegedly, the officer that pursued slipped on ice and hit his head.

The two rookie drug users were allegedly taken to the hospital for treatment.

No official statement has been given, but the president of the Toronto police association did confirm that two officers from 13 division are under professional investigation but could not say if a criminal investigation was forthcoming.

Read more about the stoner cops “Toronto Cops Allegedly Ate Weed Edibles and Got So High They Had to Call for Backup” by Manisha Krishnan posted by Vice on January 29, 2018.