White evangelical Trumpflakes throwing pity party, claim they are REAL 'victims'

This is actually what "Trump Derangement Syndrome" looks like.

When Trump won the election in 2016, it was common to hear his supporters gloat about how things were going to change now, and “now, you won’t ignore us and disrespect us.” It seems odd that these mostly white, mostly men supporters felt like they were somehow a victim in American society. Sure, they have problems like everyone else, but why do they see themselves as the most victimized?

These “victims” are full of scorn when NFL players take a knee, and mock the BLM movement, but are suddenly silent when their black neighbor is harassed by the cops. These “victims” don’t want their children to see same-sex couples on T.V. because it is a damaging influence, but at the same time scream down any legislation that might protect their children from being shot while at school. These “victims” poo-poo PC culture and wear shirts that say “fuck your feelings,” but when they are called out on their own behavior they cry that the liberal elites are out to get them.

If they don’t want to be told they are racists, then they should stop saying racist things. If they don’t want to be called stupid, then they should stop saying stupid things. Respect is earned, and it goes both ways. If they say horrible things just to collect “libtard” tears, and someone calls them an asshole, it doesn’t make them a victim. It makes them an asshole. Someone disagreeing with a stance isn’t a sign of disrespect, it’s a disagreement, and if they can’t handle someone disagreeing without feeling victimized, doesn’t that kind of make them the snowflakes?

Trump supporters aren’t victims. Evangelicals aren’t victims. Republicans aren’t victims.

What they are is a bunch of school yard bullies that want everyone to play by their rules who don’t want minorities, women, and members of the LGBTQ community being equal to them.

Read more about the pity party, “Why do so many conservatives think of themselves as victims? written by Doctor RJ posted by Daily Kos on May 21, 2018.