2 injured after clueless Christian preacher incites panic at 'Avengers' showing

In this climate of near daily mass shootings, doing something this irresponsible is despicable.

Michael Webber, a 28-year-0ld preacher from Truth and Triumph Ministries, disrupted a Friday night viewing of the new Marvel movie “Avengers: Infinity War.” The preacher had the audience of the Harkins Mountain Grove 16 theater in Redlands, California in a bit of a panic when he started screaming about God and heaven during the showing.

Police were called, fearing a gunman in the theater because the preacher stood and shouted, “If you die tonight, would your passage to heaven be guaranteed?”

The preacher’s shouting caused a panic inside of the packed movie theater which had people running for their lives, one witness described the scene:

“That’s when the kind of chaos happened in the little exit, where people were jumping over the railings, and kind of falling over, twisting their ankles and hitting their head.”

Two people were seriously injured in the chaos created by the Christian terrorist. One woman was trampled after jumping over a railing and falling 20 feet attempting to get away from what she thought was a gunman about to open fire on the theatergoers.

So far, Webber has been charged with a misdemeanor, and he claims that he has “preached” in theaters before without incident. He excuses his behavior by saying he “was unarmed.”

Watch a report about the bizarre incident below, via CBS Los Angeles:

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