HEY TWITTER! Hate speech is not free speech.

"Over the last months, I reported about 300 hate tweets. Twitter failed to delete most of them, so I sprayed them in front of their office. " - Shahak Shapira

Author and satirist Shahak Shapira is known in Germany for his black humor. The native Israeli writer and satirist lives in Neukölln.
Over last six months he reported over 450 hate comments to Twitter and Facebook. Facebook responded and removed 80% of them within on to three days. The Twitter response rate? 3%. Yes. THREE PERCENT, And wait - each of them saying that there was no violation of Twitter rules.

Shahak sprayed the hate tweets (watch video to judge yourself) in front of the Twitter office in Hamburg at 6 am. Twitter cleaned the sidewalk on their side of the street around 10 am leaving the rest.

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I understand his sentiment, but spraying hateful tweets all over the sidewalk seems kind of counterproductive