NRA's America: Woman's unborn baby shot during road rage incident

We're the only country that’s so “free” even babies are born with bullet wounds.

During a road rage incident in Memphis, Tennessee a woman who was 36 weeks pregnant was shot three times in the hip while riding in the passenger seat as her boyfriend drove on a busy interstate.

According to her boyfriend, after a dark-colored Chevrolet Impala with three men inside were tailgating aggressively, they pulled up next to his SUV and began firing.

It wasn't until later, as doctors rushed to perform emergency surgery to delivery her baby and treat her wounds, that it was discovered that a bullet had hit the 19-year old's unborn child, too.

Police are investigating the shooting and say it could possibly be connected to other recent road rage incidents in the area.

Watch a report about the horrifying incident below:

For more on the bizarre incident, read: "Baby born with bullet wound after mother shot on interstate" written by Eryn Taylor and Shay Arthur for WREG Memphis on February 12, 2018.