Pastor gets standing ovation for 'confessing,' here's what he left OUT

So much focus on his pain and his forgiveness, but what about his victim's?

As the #MeToo movement evolves it has inspired a chaste little sister; the #ChurchToo movement. I’ve followed along on Twitter with surprise, delight and ofttimes frustration as women seek to get the Evangelical Christian megachurches to acknowledge sexual assault. In a culture that just fought to keep the legal right to marry 11 year old girls to old men, and which teaches that original sin is women’s fault, the ladies are not succeeding in getting leaders to acknowledge harassment. They are upset but still loyal.

My frustration in following the #ChurchToo ladies is their own circular logic which continues to help them avoid the truth that will empower them. Whenever I point out that Evangelical Christianity as taught is anti woman and that church men use the story of Eve’s original sin to cast the blame onto abused women, the #ChurchToo ladies shut down.

In a New York Times opinion video we see assault victim Jules Woodson in tears as she wonders aloud, “We as a Church, of all places, should be getting this right. It’s unfathomable to me that the secular world, Hollywood are taking a stand. The church should have done this first.”

In the parlance of Jesus the Powerful Star Baby, ‘they seek water from a well they know to be polluted, and pridefully refuse the sparkling water offered by a woman who they call a whore.’ They forget that the Jesus Book of Magic talks about his preference for whore friends.

In the video, we see members of the megachurch chain Highpoint clap and praise a pastor confessing to an assault. Reactions from his victim, Jules Woodward, are brilliantly juxtaposed and illustrate some of the basic faults of #ChurchToo. Women who are seeking justice from Evangelical Churches, are never going to find it there. Watch while pastor Andy Savage diminishes his own role in a criminal assault, emphasizing that Jules consented to his advances, that it was 20 years ago, and then neglects to mention he was her spiritual advisor, and she was underage.

We can only hope these women get frustrated enough to leave. Join the whores. Jesus did it.

You can see for yourself in the video below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca