POLL: It's official, even most FOX viewers want legalized marijuana!

A recent poll shows a 59% approval rating among FOX viewers for legalizing pot.

Marijuana is currently legal for recreational use in nine states and Washington DC, and a recent poll shows that a record number of people now approve of legalization...a poll conducted by Fox News. Apparently, even 59% of Fox News viewers are in support of legal pot, a number that has been on the rise since 2001.

The Fox poll was conducted by Democrat Chris Anderson and Republican Daron Shaw, and the information was gathered via cell and landline telephone interviews. Anderson described the surprising numbers saying, “This is a massive shift in opinion over a very short period. As more states legalize marijuana without the negative consequences opponents have warned about, support will likely continue to increase.”

The numbers show that millennials are the most likely to support the legalization movement, followed by Gen X, and then Baby Boomers, which is not exactly surprising news. Also, Democrats and Independents are more likely to vote yes than Republicans which are currently split 46% for and 46% against.

Not surprising is the fact that more than half of conservatives and white evangelical Christians oppose marijuana legalization, but even that number is 14-16 points lower than it was just 5 years ago.

Although even Fox News viewers seem to be swaying pro-pot, Marijuana may still have a long battle ahead with the Trump administration. It is no secret that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is anti-legalization, and he recently released a memo lifting the policy of making marijuana charges low priority cases.

Read more about the surprising numbers, “Fox News Poll: Support for legalizing marijuana hits record high” written by Victoria Balara for Fox News and published on February 08, 2018.