Pruitt on Sinclair propaganda stations: I'm a 'good steward with taxpayer money'

This is the man who spent $1500 on ink pens and $43,000 on a soundproof booth.

Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA, wants everyone to know that he cares “so much about taxpayer money.” He even did an interview on “Bottom Line With Boris” to express just how much he cares.

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He tells Boris, “It’s important that serving in this capacity that everyone is a good steward of taxpayer money” just before he starts bragging about the regulations he’s cut which has caused “environmental outcomes” to improve.

Apparently Pruitt has forgotten about the many frivolous purchases he has made with taxpayer money. Let’s remind him.

Most recently, it was the purchase of $1500 ink pens that he had his staff order from a fine jewelry store in D.C., but that was just a drop in the barrel compared to the $43,000 soundproof booth he had built in his office or the $105,000 worth of first class tickets he’s racked up.

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Not to mention the $3.5 million spent on round the clock security he has requested since his very first day of running the department. Plus there is the $58,000 he wasted on chartering a military jet.

He also had all the pens and notebooks in his department replaced because he thought the EPA logo looked like a marijuana leaf. He replaced them with pens and notebooks stamped with his name instead.

It is more than ridiculous that Scott Pruitt can, with a straight face, claim that he cares about taxpayer money when he spends it so frivolously. Whatever, Scott, we see through your bullshit.

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For more read, “Pruitt tells pro-Trump Sinclair Broadcasting he cares ‘so much’ about taxpayer money” written by Kyla Mandel and posted by Think Progress on May 31, 2018