Scottish Documentary Shows the Kind of Issues That Follow Trump Wherever He Goes

You’ve Been Trumped should be required viewing for anyone wishing to cast a ballot for Trump

Americans have watched Donald Trump’s presidency move from one scandal to the next. In the little under two years that he has sat in the Oval Office, U.S. citizens have seen Trump be investigated for colluding with Russia, side with Nazis during the Charlottesville protests, brag about sexually assaulting women, ignore the plight of Puerto Ricans dying by the thousands after Hurricane Maria, pay off a porn star that he had an affair with while his wife was giving birth to his son, use his position as president to turn a profit for his various businesses, and kidnap children from their parents at the southern border.

Many Americans may have been surprised by the level of corruption that has followed Trump everywhere, but the citizens of a small town in Scotland weren’t surprised to see the scandals flowing from the White House because they have seen first hand the callous ways Trump handles everything he touches. If they could have, they would have warned each and every American, making the documentary You’ve Been Trumped required viewing before citizens were allowed to cast their ballot.

The 2011 film, a documentary that follows the story of the building of Trump’s golf course in Scotland, shows how a brash American businessman devastated the people of Aberdeenshire. He destroyed the sand dunes, filed motions to kick people out of their homes, and even went so far as to cut the water lines supplying the home of an elderly woman. All that so he could build another gaudy golf resort that loses money by the millions.


When the filmmaker learned of Trump’s decision to run for president, he created another film, another warning, but obviously, America didn’t listen. You’ve Been Trumped Too weaves the stories of the struggling Forbes family in Scotland with Trump flying around the U.S. to attend his rallies and fawn before his MAGA cult. The film was an attempt to show the issues that Trump leaves in his wake, to show how self-serving all of his decisions are, to show his profound lack of empathy for the things that he destroys to satisfy his smallest whims. Americans didn’t heed the lesson, and now the world is getting a taste of the suffering experienced by the citizens of that small Scottish town. ​

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