Stein on domestic abuse charges: Lots 'of ways of getting a black eye'

Watch Ben Stein victim blaming as he makes the absolute worst argument for “due process” ever.

In discussing Trump’s tweet calling for due process in the light of domestic abuse accusations, Ben Stein was worse than someone who might overtly ask, ‘What did she do to piss off her husband?’ He’s worse because he gaslights us by going back and forth saying he believes the women, but that there are many ways to get a black eye.

He could have just as easily had a discussion about due process by pointing out the hypocrisy of Trump calling to execute the Central Park Five before a trial, but that wouldn’t have allowed him to subtly undermine the #metoo movement. I’m all for due process too, but don’t argue the point by undermining obvious photographic evidence of a punched and blackened eye, and then claim to believe women in the next breath.

Stein said, “There are all kinds of ways of getting a black eye. In all likelihood she’s correct, but there are all kinds of ways of getting a black eye and I’d like to know more specifics. I’d like to have him have a defense counsel defend him.” I’d like to encourage people to watch this whole video to see how women’s stories are subtly undermined by men who say they believe them, and then say shit like this...

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read: “Ben Stein Questions Rob Porter Allegations: ‘There Are All Kinds of Ways of Getting a Black Eye’“ written by for Mediaite on February 12, 2018.

YouTube video provided by MSNBC