Stephon Clark should still be alive.

How the f* does one "mistake" a cell phone for a gun? What's wrong with the police training in America?

We expect to attract right-winger "Law&Order" commentators with their usual tropes. We'll cover them all in one shot so people can learn their parroted narrative.....

  1. Why did he run?
  2. He was doing something "wrong"?
  3. He deserved what he got because he "disobeyed"?
  4. We know how "those people" are so it figures?
  5. Why was he black?

These things will be said in various ways on this thread as the typical "Law&Order" bigots come out of their holding tanks. What is ironic? These are the same cynical shitstains that yammer all day about the 2nd amendment and "gubment tyranny" and how they are "taking our rights" they will line up and cheer on the very tyranny they claim to despise.....the absolute height of hypocrisy

Matt Barnes is organizing a rally in Sacramento on Saturday in honor of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man who was shot and killed by police officers.

The retired NBA forward invited players from the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors, who are in town for Saturday-night tilt at Golden 1 Center, to take part.

Head coach Steve Kerr said Friday the team can participate in the demonstration, and Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson planned to discuss it with the rest of the players on the way to Sacramento. The Warriors decided not to attend, league sources told ESPN's Chris Haynes, though Kerr reportedly reiterated they can if they wish.

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SOOO let me get this straight when you're not snorting condoms or eating Tide Pods you want these people to protect you...AND NOT good people that are honest and trained and love their neighbors...