WATCH: Angry DACA opponents meet a real DREAMer family face to face

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know what would happen if people against DACA met a real life DREAMer family.

Jimmy Kimmel turned his wit to the issue of DACA yesterday, and demonstrated, again, that MAGA heads are a cult of hatred. 87% of Americans support a path to citizenship for DACA recipients, so Kimmel focuses on the 13% that don’t. It’s a textbook case of cult circular logic.

People in a cult cannot be swayed from their belief by fact, and the MAGA cult of hatred is no exception. Kimmel explains that DACA recipients came as children and didn’t commit a crime. The facts that they are fingerprinted, tracked, and pay taxes don’t matter in the face of the MAGA belief that DACA recipients are ‘criminal illegals.’

Kimmel uses a model DACA family to demonstrate. Esmeralda brought here at age two, her adorable baby, and her Kansas born conservative fiancé. She works and goes to nursing school, he is about to be deployed with the military. No change of heart. Nope. ‘MAGA Santa,’ a bearded man in his red MAGA hat, a Military Vet himself, passionately says to deport another Veterans fiancé while he’s deployed overseas.

One after another the myths are debunked to no avail. Yes, Esmeralda has an SS# and work permit to pay her taxes, yes the family hired an expensive immigration lawyer, yes they’ve tried to get in line and become legal. No one changes their mind.

One woman says she believes "we live in a loving, compassionate, exceptional country." Kimmel replies "I think this country has become cruel. Where is your compassion?" Eventually this one woman wavers from the cult, seeing an exception in this one case. Still she refuses to capitulate, saying she doesn’t want to “get in trouble.” The cult might excommunicate her for wrongthink.

Watch and let it finally sink in. We don’t need to understand the Trump voter. Do not waste your time with these garbage people. Focus on Democratic voter turnout.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Video published to YouTube by Jimmy Kimmel Live on January 31, 2018.