WATCH: Two white guys on Fox discuss appropriate use of the N-word

Tucker Carlson and Brit Hume had possibly the most unintentionally idiotic and awkward conversation ever captured on TV.

Tucker Carlson and Brit Hume had a nice little chuckle together about how they feel white people should be able to use the N-word as they see fit. Bitch please. The only N-Word that Bow-tie-Bros get to use is Never.

Hume made sure to faun a bit about how “it’s one of the ugliest words in the language, and offensive” before making the case for using the word when he feels like it. “Using” being different than “mentioning” according to Hume. Carlson insists “I hate that word and don’t want to hear it,” while making a case for when he feels like it’s appropriate to use. Then Carlson argues against Princeton anthropology students who rightfully shut down their professor for using it.

Hume gaslights people who get justifiably angry at the use of this word, which Hume himself just two minutes early said “it’s ugly...that’s why we never use it.” Hume thinks people just want to be outraged. "America is a compassionate country ... therefore if you're a victim in any of these areas it's kind of a good deal."

So there you have it, two white powerful men have decided they can dictate what is and isn’t appropriate use of the N-word.

Watch the bizarre conversation in the video below:

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca